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Dave Whitlock's
Standard Red Fox Squirrel-Hair Nymph

(Finished fly pictured below.)

HOOK: Tiemco Nymph Hook, #2 to #18.
THREAD: Black or dark brown nylon.
CEMENT: Dave's flexament.
WEIGHT: Lead or copper wire.
ABDOMEN: Belly fur from red fox squirrel skin, may be blended with synthetic sparkle dubbing. Abdomen should be 1/2 to 2/3 of the overall body length.
THORAX: Black fur from red fox squirrel skin, may be blended with synthetic sparkle dubbing. Thorax should be 1/2 to 1/3 of the overall body length.
RIB: Gold wire or oval tinsel.
TAIL: Small tuft of back fur from red fox squirrel skin. Tail is approximately 1/2 of the hook chank length. NOTE: Squirrel tail hair is completely unsatisfactory for this nymph's body or tail! Hair from the animal's body, not the tail, must be used. That is why I insist on calling it the Red Fox Squirrel-Hair Nymph. Many tyers have confused this nymph with one of the many squirrel-tail patterns.


Blend fur and synthetic sparkle dubbing in a 60:40 ratio (natural to synthetic) for the abdomen and in a 70:30 ratio for the thorax for the best dubbing properties.

For the thorax blend, cut or chave the back hair off the skin and mix it thoroughly is a small coffee-grinder-type blender. Cut Yarn or synthetic dubbing into 3/8 to 1/2 inch lengths. Place the synthetic in the blender and mix it thoroughly. Now take a proper 70/30 portion of fur and synthetic and blend those together.

For the abdomen blend, cut or shave belly hair off the skin and repeat the procedure outlined above except for the belly fur synthetic color and the 60:40 fur to synthetic ratio.

No wing case is necessary. My original RFSH nymph had a mottled dark brown wing case but the test have proven the fly is as effective, or even more effective, without the wing case.

For a close-up look at three stages in the creation of this fly, tied by Marcos Vergara, click on the Red Fox Squirrel Hair Nymph above.
(One image per page, app. 35k each.)

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