Send in your True Fish Stories and Photos and we'll pick the best ones to post.


  Pictured above are Kaz Hasimoto and Mike Miller on a recent fun-filled trip to Alaska, where, as you can see, the Salmon get mighty BIG!

There's an area for young people on the site we call The Kid's Pier. Currently we are featuring the art of 11 year old Clay Wynn. We want this area to expand with your help so send us your kid's stuff!

SEND IN YOUR STORIES AND PHOTOS to be featured here! We're looking for the kind of fishing photos that make people smile! You know the ones! You got any? Come on let's see em!

E-mail us your fish stories.

How to send us your fishing pix.

Here's a photo of Marcos Vergara with a nice trout (31k) taken in Tierra Del Fuego, and here's another photo of Mike Miller (38k) taken on his first day of fishing on this Chilean fishing adventure.

Here's a Coho caught by Mike Allen, a pretty catch by Herb Sutherland, and a Brown Trout John Erickson nabbed.

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