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Forward Casts - Already-existing great jump off pages. Why re-invent the wheel?

Wiggle Casts - Resources for the Fly Tyer and Fisherman...

Back Casts - Sites with both useful information and pleasant surroundings...

Reach Casts - Offbeat links around the world where we like to "float." (And we think you will too!)

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Forward Casts (existing launches of note)

McKenzie's Fishing Stuff from Everywhere Else
Nice maps, succinct and easy-to-use.

Outdoor Resources Online
Hot art & Hot links.

LJ's Fly Fishing Page
L. J. DeCuir keeps an up-to-date list of over 100 well categorized links here. And hey, where else can you spice up your e-mail with fly-related ascii art and sigs plus find out about the latest in fly fishing Eastern Tennessee!

The Fishing And Hunting Launch Pad
Good organizationand descriptions/reviews of most fishing sites on the Web.

Fly Fishing Internet Links(Fly Fishing in Arizona)
"Fly Fishing Links! We've got 'em all."

...And finally, if those aren't enough for you try:

Yahoo -Recreation:Outdoors:Fishing

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Wiggle Casts (Resource Centers)

Vancouver Island Fly Fisher
A website devoted to fly fishing Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

GORP - Fishing Resources onthe Internet
The name says it all.

Query FLYFISH Archives
Go right to the Joel Dunn source and look up whatever you canthink of. After your search don't forget to look at some of Joel's other resources at Joel's Fly Fishing Page.

Fly Fishing in Arizona
Great lists and links in a logical layout (can you sayalliteration?).

Silver Doctor Fly Fishing
This page is dedicated to the Midwestern fly rodder,(with some connections to the rest of the world).

Fish Information Service (FINS) Index
More on the "fish as pets" side but some useful links.

Entomology at Colorado StateUniversity
Need some insect information? Here you go.

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Back Casts (useful and elegant)

Nor'east Saltwater Home Page
A well-done saltwater angling site for the NE United States.

The Ultimate Fishing Page(Angler's On-line)
Lot's of stuff here on a nicely laid out site.

Get Lost Adventure Magazine is an adventure sports/outdoors site that covers a full spectrum of outdoors activities and has an excellent collection of links.

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Reach Casts (Float away....)

First, let's take an international web tour....
(Note: overseas linksmay be a bit slow)

Baltic Sea Sportfishing
Take some time to float around an elegant and interesting site for awhile...

Angling Club Lax-�
In Iceland. Be sure and visit the "Rivers," each of which hasa spectacular accompanying graphic.

The Salmon Page
All things Salmon, this school project has some unique links,backgrounds, subtleties and great art by Stephanie.

The Scottish Borders
Now there's a place I wouldn't mind being right now...or how about that trip you've always dreamed of? Take off to

Italian Fly-Fishing Magazine
This one's all in Italian but has some great diagrams."

Shimada Takehiro
Shows us how the Japanese sometimes define "troutfishing." Check out his homepage, then click for a picture. (Warning:113k.)

Tired of floating? Then take a short hike to

Cool Roulette
Nothing to do with anything fly-fishing but some cool computergenerated flies.

Please don't forget to send us your links! Put together a littletour of your own and send it to us for our next series of reach casts. Hey- we can't keep up with this Web thing by ourselves!

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