Other Tying Materials
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Gossamer pure silk tying thread
Thread for the Traditional soft hacklepatterns.

GS- 12 color set 34.00

Marabou Floss
Floss for the body of Salmon and Wet fly.

MF- 10 color set 29.00


Used for many of Oliver Edwards original patterns. May be used for all mannerof body mediums with imitative patterns and or on backs of shrimp patterns.

15 Flexibody colors 3.95 ea.

X1- Black
X2- Brown
X3- Orange
X4- Shrimp Pink
X5- Red
X6- Transparent
X7- Yellow
X8- Fl. Yellow
X9- Fl. Orange
X10- Fl. Green
X11- Fl. Pink
X12- Light Olive
X13- Med. Olive
X14- Dark Olive
X15- Grey

Oliver Edwards Yarn Set

OEY -Oliver Edwards Yarn Set 24.95


RF- Raffine 4.95

Fish Scale Powder

FSP- Fish Scale Powder 6.95

Mixed with epoxy for heads like the SLF Fry, eyes, and bodies.


PE- Prawn Eyes 2.95

GE- Glass Eyes 5.95

Prismatic Film Back

PF- Prismatic Film Back 7.95

A flexible plastic prismatic film for shrimp backs that will pick up the color of the material it is placed over.

Davy Wotton Flouro-Carbon Dun Wing Material 3.95 ea.

Check out Davy's FC Dun Wing Emerger tied with this material. (30k)

FC1- Blue Winged Olive

FC2- Dunny Olive

FC3- Dark Grey Dun

FC4- Olivy Dun

FC5- Pale Grey Dun

FC6- Spinner

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