Stillwater Applications
for the
Roman Moser Leader System

Written & Illustrated by Davy Wotton

Allow a belly to form in the fly-line, but mend the line to the upward side if the drift speed is too fast.
High-Dry Invisible or Ultrafloat are ideal for high surface presentation, and Intermediate in light breeze conditions for subsurface methods. (See below.)

In heavy water and wind conditions you can use Nymph leaders 2 or 3 or Mini Sink Tips. This will allow you to achieve depth, and will also slow down speed of drift.

Strike indicators may also be used as well as shock gum loops when fine tippets and small flys are used.

For stillwater applications tippet length is set to suit the presentation required -- surface conditions, speed of drift, spooky fish, clear water, water depth and so on.

The leader systems will allow every permutation that you will think of, and will also give you the perfect turnover and presentation for surface techniques.

All permutations also apply for boat fishing methods, both anchor and loch style. You may also adapt the leader systems to a sinking line for extreme deep water methods.

Also see Davy Wotton's River & Stream Applications for Roman Moser Leader Systems.

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