Dave Whitlock...

Be sure and visit our libraries of Dave Whitlock articles and fly recipes. There's some great stuff to download in the Dave Whitlock Clip Art Gallery 1 and Clip Art Gallery 2, classic images from one of the great artists in fly tying and fly fishing. To find out more about Dave, see his Biographical Notes. Stop by the Dave Whitlock Galleries where you can purchase some of Dave's limited edition prints or order his books, tapes, and art prints.

Also find out about the Dave & Emily Whitlock Fly Fishing School.

Davy Wotton...

There's a wealth of fly tying and fly fishing wisdom in our Davy Wotton libraries of articles and fly recipes. Also see what people are saying about Davy's revolutionary SLF Dubbing, Davy Wotton Fly-Tying Tools and his series of Videos on Fly Tying. To find out more about Davy, see his Biographical Notes.

Be sure and check out previous Expert Answers.For some of Dave and Davy's answers to questions posed by site visitors.
And...for a glimpse of the REAL Dave and Davy, click here.
Here is a great new flyfishing sculpture by Steven Fanelli.

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