Welcome to Dave Whitlock's Clip Art Gallery!

This is Clip Art Gallery 1.

Don't miss the beauties in Clip Art Gallery 2.

Dave has generously given Fly & Field permission to archive some of his amazing art. If you like these keep an eye out, there are more on the way.

All the images here in the Clip Art Gallery are free to copy for your own personal use. You'll notice we have Dave's art sprinkled throughout the rest of our Fly & Field site as well. If you would like to use any of Dave's images on your own personal web pages Dave asks just for a credit and a link back to this page. If you would like to use them on a commercial site or in print you will need to contact Dave for permission.

Be sure and also stop by the Dave Whitlock Galleries where you can view and purchase Dave's limited edition prints. These images are truly works of art by one of the legends of fly tying and fishing.

The images below are thumbnails of larger graphics, so click on them if you want to see and use them full-size...










More in Clip Art Gallery 2

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